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Spring 2023 Unprogram


8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Casa Italia - Stone Park, IL 


Featuring a traditional UnProgram, the day will be comprised of a presentation on ' Demystifying Neuropsychological Reports: A Primer for Elder Law Attorneys' with Dr. Colin Brietzke and three breakout sessions led by teams of moderators. Continental Breakfast and Lunch will be provided. and a cocktail hour will be held at the end of the day. While breakout sessions may be moderated by IL NAELA members, the moderators will not present on the subject topics; rather, they will help facilitate discussion among the group. 



Casa Italia Festival Center

Stone Park, IL

(located at 1652 N. 37th Ave at the corner of 37th and Soffel Ave.)

Map of Casa Italia 

REMINDER: This is an outdoor event, so there will be minimal internet access at the festival center. Prior to your arrival, please download or print any event materials you wish to have on hand. 


Join us for beer, wine and games! This year we are excited to announce that we will be holding a Cocktail Hour immediately following the UnProgram. The cocktail hour is included in registration for the UnProgram. If you are unable to attend the UnProgram, but want to attend the cocktail hour, you can register using the 'Cocktail Hour Only' registration link.



Demystifying Neuropsychological Reports: A Primer for Elder Law Attorneys

Dr. Colin Brietzke

To most legal practitioners, neuropsychological testing is seen as either fascinating or unnecessarily complicated. But in both cases, their underlying concern is: what am I going to do with the report? This seminar will give legal practitioners a greater understanding of neuropsychological evaluations and how to present or discredit them in court. Specific goals include helping you:

  • Identify clients who demonstrate diminished capacity
  • Understand how neuropsychological tests work
  • Deal with conflicting or vague reports
  • Understand scientific methods of capacity assessment
  • Understand common medical terminology relevant to legal practitioners

Subject matter discussed will be tailored to attorneys engaged in estate planning as well as guardianship, and will also be useful to care managers and financial planners. Following this seminar, you will have a greater understanding of how these objective assessments bring greater clarity to the beautifully complex but often murky subject of how the human brain works.

Dr. Colin A. Brietzke is a licensed clinical and forensic psychologist and clinical neuropsychologist with extensive experience in both criminal and civil matters.. Dr. Brietzke founded Chicagoland Neuropsychology LLC, a multidisciplinary neuropsychological assessment practice based in Oak Park, IL, in 2012. Types of evaluations Dr. Brietzke performs relevant to elder law attorneys include assessments of cognitive ability, testamentary capacity, and vulnerability to undue influence. The reports he authors assist both practitioners and the court in understanding the examinee's cognitive and psychological status as they relate to legal questions. As part of his practice, Dr. Brietzke also assesses non-forensic populations, giving him extensive experience diagnosing and treating a broad array of mental and emotional illnesses.

Dr. Brietzke previously taught at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology and has trained doctoral students both during their year-long externship rotations and post-doctoral residencies. Concerning services to the legal community, he has presented to the Illinois Institute for Continuing Legal Education and the Illinois chapter of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys. Dr. Brietzke is a published academic author, and has written articles and chapters within the Journal of Elder Law and various IICLE publications. Dr. Brietzke has been consulted or admitted as an expert in both state and federal courts, namely Illinois and Indiana state courts, and the United States District Court, Northern District of Illinois. Prior to starting his practice, Dr. Brietzke worked with individuals adjudicated unfit to stand trial and not guilty by reason of insanity, as well as victims of torture and political imprisonment, and individuals suffering from severe and persistent mental illness.


IL NAELA will be presenting awards to some very deserving individuals at the upcoming Spring UnProgram on Friday, June 16th. We are happy to announce that we are bringing back the Ron Runkle Award, to recognize one member for their outstanding contributions to our listserve. The winner of the Ron Runkle Award will be announced at the event. Please take a moment to read about the winners of this year's legislative awards, Senator Karina Villa and Representative Terra Costa Howard. 

Senator Karina Villa

Full-time state legislator and lifelong resident of the 25th Senate District; Previously served as Representative of the Illinois House’s 49th District; Child of immigrant parents and small business owners; MSW in social work from Aurora University; former social worker in the West Chicago and Villa Park school systems; Former vice president of West Chicago District 33 Board of Education.

Representative Terra Costa Howard

Legal advocate for vulnerable children, seniors, and families; small business owner; born and raised in DuPage County; B.A., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; J.D., DePaul University; Parent Teacher Association member; Girl Scout leader; former Glen Ellyn School District 41 Board president; adjunct professor, College of DuPage; married, with three daughters.



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