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The National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys, Inc., is a non-profit association that assists lawyers, bar organizations and others who work with older clients and their families. Established in 1987, the Academy provides a resource of information, education, networking and assistance to those who must deal with the many specialized issues involved with legal services to the elderly and disabled. "NAELA’s vision is to be the recognized leader inspiring and empowering attorneys to enhance the quality of life for the elderly and those with special needs."

Did you know that in addition to providing unique educational services to its members, the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys has various products and services available to help you in your practice? Here’s what’s available to you through NAELA.


Continuing Legal Education

As a leading provider of continuing legal education seminars on elder law, NAELA sponsors an annual symposium — usually held in the Spring — and an annual advanced institute — usually held in the Fall. Both programs offer practitioners the latest information on elder law topics from tax issues, estate planning, Medicaid and Medicare to practice management. In addition, the NAELA Un-Program provides members the opportunity to spend time with each other and brainstorm about issues affecting their practices in an unstructured setting, focusing on small group discussions.

NAELA ListServ

NAELA members can get the best out of their colleagues by communicating electronically through the NAELA ListServ. This service allows members to participate in discussions on substantive issues as well as practice management and development issues, and receive immediate feedback from hundreds of members throughout the country.

Member Benefit Program

NAELA's Member Benefit Program provides discounts to NAELA members on software programs, office supplies and equipment, document storage and retrieval, estate planning systems, and more! You can look forward to receiving information directly from these vendors, or contacting them for further information. NAELA will announce new partners are they are approved; meanwhile, we encourage you to take full advantage of this new member service and reap the benefits of your NAELA membership.

Mentoring Program

Since its inception, one of NAELA’s strengths has been the collegial spirit of its membership. For years, this has translated into an incredible, if informal, network of practitioners always willing to take another NAELA member’s call to discuss an issue or help think through a dilemma. As NAELA has grown, the organization has refused to lower its standards of substantive knowledge, practice or conduct; witness the enhancement of programs now available from basic to advanced, in person or on the net, and the Aspirational Standards for the Practice of Elder Law.

The Mentoring Program is continuing evidence that this is a very exciting time to be a member of NAELA. This unique opportunity to expand the breadth and scope of contact among members can only enhance the services we provide to our clients and communities. One more benefit of NAELA membership!

National Elder Law Month

This unique event gives NAELA members the opportunity to participate in various activities in their local communities, promoting Elder Law. By educating the public about elder law attorneys – through seminars, media appearances and elder law clinics – NAELA members gain visibility and credibility in their locales. Information is sent to the membership prior to the event on an annual basis.

NAELA Publications

Your membership includes subscriptions to NAELA News and NAELA Journal.

NAELA News is a vibrant bi-monthly magazine that publishes articles relating to elder law and special needs law, articles representing state chapters and special interest groups, as well as covering NAELA events. It's your way of keeping up with NAELA and elder and special needs law.

NAELA Journal is published twice a year and publishes substantive articles covering elder law and special needs law topics including: preservation of assets, Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, disability, health insurance, tax planning, conservatorships, guardianships, living trusts and wills, estate planning, probate and administration of estates, trusts, long-term care placement, housing and nursing home issues, elder abuse, fraud recovery, age discrimination, retirement, health law, and mental health law.

Both publications are available only to NAELA members and libraries. For more information please see NAELA Journal and NAELA News sample pages.

On Demand Customized Brochures

NAELA has created more than 15 brochures that can be customized with member firm and contact information on a variety of subjects. These brochures can be used when speaking to a community or other group, handed out during client consultations, mailed to prospective clients or kept in your firm's waiting room. Categories of brochures include the following areas.

 • Living Trusts

 • Co-Ownership of Assets

 • Long Term Care Insurance

 • Health Care Decisions

 • Guardianship and Conservatorship Age Discrimination

 • Elder Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation

 • Estate Planning and Probate

 • Durable Powers of Attorney

 • Medicare

 • Medicaid

Other available brochures include:

Elder Law: A Practice Coming of Age: This concise brochure describes the emerging field of elder law and provides a listing of the advantages of using elder law attorneys. The brochure can be personalized and distributed to your clients and colleagues. Cost varies depending on quantity ordered.

Questions & Answers When Looking for an Elder Law Attorney: The perfect material to distribute to your prospective clients, this brochure is geared to consumers and provides information on what elder law is, how to find and elder law attorney, what questions to ask the attorney before hiring him or her and what questions to ask once an attorney is hired. All topics covered in the brochure are intended to making the selection of an attorney a good experience for consumers. Cost varies depending on quantity ordered.

Law & Aging Series: These invaluable brochures addressing various Elder Law topics are designed to educate the public about areas of interest to them and can be personalized and distributed to your clients and other professionals.

Public Policy Activities

NAELA members are kept abreast of ever-changing legislation related to elder law on a federal and state level through activities of the NAELA Public Policy Committee. Members are provided with copies of legislation, sample letters to representatives and senators, updates on NAELA public policy activities, and other tools to influence legislation affecting the elderly and their families.Information sent to the membership on an as-needed basis.


Once you join NAELA, you have the opportunity to participate in nine Sections, providing information specific to your practice and areas of interest. NAELA currently has Sections in the following areas: Guardianship/Capacity, Health Care, Practice Development/Management, Tax, Advocacy/Litigation, Trusts, Health and Long-term Care Financing, Special Needs Law, and Young/New Attorneys. For a minimal yearly fee, you will receive articles, cases, and newsletters related to the specific topic of your chosen Section. Special meetings to discuss substantive issues are held at NAELA educational meetings. Cost: $60.00 per Section per year.












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