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Bylaws Committee

Ad Hoc

Education Committee
Paige Fox and Jenette Schwemler, co-chairs
Members: Amy Gjesdahl, Katie Lenert, Samantha Zullo, Olive Wassen

Hardship Waiver & Scholarship Committee
Mallory Moreno, chair
Members: Heidi Dodd, Linda Strohschein

Legislative Committee
Wendy Cappelletto and Ben Neiburger co-chairs
Members: Anthony Ferraro, Leonard Berg, Amy Delaney, Kaye Dent, Dawn Weekly, Heather Voorn, Helen Mesoloras, Melissa Johnson
Unofficial member:
 Nina Vidmer

Litigation Committee
Amy Gjesdahl and Melissa Johnson, co-chairs
Members: Eric Parker, Mallory Moreno, Missy Turk Firmage

Membership Committee
Melissa Kallio, chair
Members: Mallory Moreno, Paige Fox, Courtney Todt Podkowa, Paula Willuweit

Mentor and Mentee Committee
Courtney Todt Podkowa, chair
Members Mary Ann Brown, Wes Coulson, Hannah Clark, Jayme Levin-Muriel

Social Media Committee
Melissa Kallio, chair
Samantha Zullo, Heather Voorn

Sponsorship Committee
Kate Curler, chair
Members: Melissa Johnson, Bryan Montana, Olive Wassen, Kristin Wood, Lauren Weldon 

State Advocate Designate to National
Ben Neiburger

UnProgram Committee
Helen Mesoloras and Katie Lenert, co-chairs
Members: Gina Salamone, Mallory Moreno, Angelina Filippo

Litigationpalooza Committee
Melissa Johnson, chair
Members: Mallory Moreno, Mike Otte, Adam Stern, Bridget Wrobel, Kate Curler, Ruben Garcia

Special Advocacy
Ad Hoc

Illinois Chapter
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The National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys, Inc. (NAELA) was founded in 1987 as a professional association of attorneys who are dedicated to improving the quality of legal services provided to people as they age and people with special needs.
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